Unveil the Secrets of Your 1967 Camaro with Our VIN Decoder

Decode the secrets of your 1967 Camaro's history with our comprehensive VIN decoder. Discover its production details, engine specs, and assembly plant origins.
Unveil the Secrets of Your 1967 Camaro with Our VIN Decoder

Delving into the 1967 Chevrolet Camaro VIN Decoder: Unraveling the Secrets of a Legendary Muscle Car

In the realm of classic muscle cars, the 1967 Chevrolet Camaro stands as an iconic symbol of American automotive prowess. Its sleek design, powerful engines, and roaring exhaust have captivated enthusiasts for decades. Beneath the Camaro's striking exterior lies a wealth of information encoded within its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This 17-digit alphanumeric sequence, located on the driver's side dashboard or the inner fender well, holds the key to unlocking the secrets of this legendary car.

Deciphering the 1967 Camaro VIN: A Step-by-Step Guide

To unravel the mysteries hidden within the 1967 Camaro VIN, let's embark on a step-by-step journey through its various sections:

  1. First Digit: Year of Manufacture
    The first character of the VIN reveals the year in which the Camaro was manufactured. In our case, the digit "7" proudly declares that this muscle car was born in 1967.
  2. Second Digit: Plant of Assembly
    The second digit indicates the assembly plant where the Camaro took shape. Various plants across the United States contributed to the production of this iconic vehicle. Here's a breakdown of the plant codes:
  • 1 - Norwood, Ohio
  • 2 - Van Nuys, California
  • 3 - Linden, New Jersey
  • 4 - Arlington, Texas
  • 5 - Fremont, California
  • 6 - South Gate, California
  • 7 - Kansas City, Missouri
  • 8 - Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

In this instance, let's assume the second digit is "2," indicating that this particular Camaro was assembled in the legendary Van Nuys, California plant.

  1. Third Digit: Body Type
    The third digit provides insight into the body style of the Camaro. Chevrolet offered various options, and each is represented by a specific code:
  • 1 - Hardtop Coupé
  • 2 - Super Sport Hardtop Coupé
  • 3 - Sport Coupé
  • 8 - Super Sport Convertable
  • 9 - Convertable

For the sake of this example, let's assume the third digit is "1," indicating that this 1967 Camaro is a Hardtop Coupé.

  1. Fourth Digit: Engine Code
    The fourth digit reveals the engine that powers the Camaro. A variety of potent powerplants were available, each with its own unique code:
  • A - 230ci Inline-6
  • D - 250ci Inline-6
  • E - 283ci V8
  • H - 302ci V8
  • L - 327ci V8
  • Q - 350ci V8
  • R - 396ci V8

In our scenario, let's say the fourth digit is "L," indicating that this Camaro is equipped with a thrilling 327ci V8 engine.

  1. Fifth Digit: Transmission Code
    The fifth digit unravels the transmission type that resides within the Camaro:
  • 0 - Automatic
  • 1 - 3-Speed Manual
  • 2 - 4-Speed Manual

For the purpose of this example, let's assume the fifth digit is "2," signifying that this 1967 Camaro is equipped with a spirited 4-Speed Manual transmission.

  1. Sixth Digit: Interior Trim Code
    The sixth digit delves into the interior appointments of the Camaro, revealing the specific trim package:
  • A - Standard Interior
  • C - Custom Interior
  • F - Deluxe Interior

In this instance, let's imagine the sixth digit is "C," indicating that this Camaro boasts a stylish Custom Interior.

  1. Seventh Digit: Paint Code
    The seventh digit decodes the exterior color of the Camaro, allowing us to visualize its vibrant hue:
  • A - Black
  • B - Ermine White
  • C - Tuxedo Black
  • D - Rally Green
  • E - Le Mans Blue
  • F - Matador Red
  • G - Garnet Red
  • H - Royal Plum

For this example, let's say the seventh digit is "F," indicating that this 1967 Camaro is cloaked in a striking Matador Red exterior.

  1. Eighth Digit: Plant Sequence Number
    The eighth digit represents the sequential number assigned to this particular Camaro within the assembly plant. It provides a glimpse into its production timeline.
  2. Digits 9-11: Body Sequence Number
    Digits nine through eleven form the body sequence number, indicating the order in which the Camaro's body was produced at the assembly plant.
  3. Digits 12-15: Assembly Sequence Number
    The final four digits, twelve through fifteen, constitute the assembly sequence number. They reveal the order in which the Camaro was fully assembled, including the installation of its engine, transmission, and other components.

Together, these numbers provide a detailed account of this 1967 Camaro's production journey.

Unveiling the Camaro's Legacy: A Timeless Muscle Car Icon

The 1967 Chevrolet Camaro stands as an enduring symbol of American muscle car prowess. Its sleek lines, powerful engines, and aggressive stance have captivated generations of enthusiasts. The VIN decoder serves as a valuable tool to uncover the intricate details that make each Camaro unique. By deciphering its 17-digit code, we gain insights into the car's birthplace, engine specifications, trim package, and more. Armed with this knowledge, we can appreciate the rich heritage of this legendary muscle car.