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Best Dentist Jokes What do dentists have in their garden? Dentistrees and implants! What's the only sweet food that dentists approve of? Candy'floss'! Why don't dentists like the police? Because of the cavity checks! What do you get if you cross a dentist and security personnel? A mouthguard! Why did the dentist get lost at sea?

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1. What does a dentist call an x-ray? Tooth pics. 2. What's a dentist's favorite dinosaur? A Floss-iraptor! 3. What did the dentist say to Tiger Woods? We've got a hole-in-one! 4. Knock, knock. Who's there? Dish. Dish, who? Dish is how I talk since I lost my tooth. 5. Which teeth do you need to brush? The ones you want to keep! 6.

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The dentist. A local dentist was arrested for dealing drugs. To say I was surprised would be an understatement. I've been going to him for 10 years and never knew he was a dentist. Why did the king go to the dentist? To get his teeth crowned! Did you hear about the dentist who planted a garden? A month later he was picking his teeth.

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British dentists tend to be more careful with their patients whereas American dentists tend to yank teeth. My teeth were stained, so the dentist asked me, "do you smoke or drink coffee?". I told him I drink it. Why did the yellow tooth not find the white tooth's jokes funny? Because he was already dead inside.

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Dentist: I was a drill sergeant. The dentist told his patient to open wider. "My goodness!" he said. "You've got the biggest cavity I've seen, the biggest cavity I've seen." "Ok," said the patient, "but I'm scared enough. Do you need to repeat yourself?" "I didn't," said the dentist. "That was the echo.".

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Dentist: $100. Patient: All that for only a few minutes of work? That's expensive. Dentist: Don't worry, I can pull it out slower if you'd like. Dentist: Can you please help me? Scream as loud as you can, like you're in a lot of pain. Patient: Why? My tooth isn't hurting this time.

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I hate needles!" the patient said. The dentist starts to hook up the laughing gas and the man again objects. "I can't do the gas thing - the thought of having the gas mask on is suffocating to me!". The dentist then asks if the man has any objection to taking a pill. "No," the patient says, "I am fine with pills.".

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Dentist Jokes - 115 Hilarious Dentist Jokes Dentist Jokes A man goes to the dentist to ask how much it would be to pull a tooth. "$100," said the dentist. "Oh, that's expensive," said the main. "Do you have anything cheaper?" "That's the normal price for an extraction," said the dentist.

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Dentist jokes lighten the mood, whether you're in the waiting room or sitting in the dentist's chair. After all, laughter is the best medicine, even for a toothache! Get ready to drill into some hilarious puns and witty one-liners that will leave you with a fresh smile - no flossing required! Dentist Jokes

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1. Q: What do you call a dentist that does not like tea? A: Denis 2. Q: Why did the deer need braces? A: He had buck teeth 3. Q: What do we call a bear without teeth? A: A gummy bear 4. Q: John has 23 candy bars, eats 10, and gives 5 to his friend. What does John have now? A: John most likely has a few cavities 5.

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65 Dentists With An Awesome Sense Of Humor. Dentists have it pretty hard - they're rummaging in peoples' mouths for a grin even though most of their patients are petrified and uncooperative. Luckily, there are some who think outside the box to make the situation better for everyone. Bored Panda has compiled a list of random dentist acts of.

56 Dentist Jokes You Can Sink Your Teeth Into Reader's Digest

The Dentist Jokes Q: What's the best time to go to the dentist? A: Tooth-hurty. Q: The dentist says my teeth are like a string of pearls. A: Each one has a hole through it! Dentist: I have to pull the aching tooth. But don't worry; it'll just take five minutes. Patient: And how much will it cost? Dentist: It's $90.

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1. What's the best time to go to the dentist? When it is tooth-hurty. 2.Why did the dentist tell the man his teeth were like a string of pearls? Because each one has a hole through it! 3. Why did the two dentists get married? Because they were so enameled with each other. 4. Why does a dentist seem moody? Because he always looks down in the mouth.

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Below are 44 of the best dentist jokes that are sure to make you laugh out loud. As we all know, visiting the dentist isn't always the most fun experience, in fact, it can be quite the opposite. Not to worry, these jokes are sure to give you a sweet tooth. So, sit back, relax and enjoy.

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Justė Kairytė - Barkauskienė ADVERTISEMENT Okay, so you might have opened this article because of its weird topic, expecting to see a set of clockwork teeth jumping out of the screen, perhaps. But, despite the title sounding a bit kooky, you would never have thought about how punny and hilarious teeth can be!

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56 Dentist Jokes You Can Sink Your Teeth Into Lisa Marie Conklin Updated: Nov. 18, 2022, Getty Images No one likes going to the dentist, so why not share some comic relief with these.