Hilariously Bad Men’s Hairstyles of The 1970s

Hilariously Bad Men’s Hairstyles of The 1970s

Emilie Branch. October 24, 2022. If you're looking for an era where hair ruled, the '70s were it. From embracing texture to big waves and flipped blowouts, volume was everything. Let's not forget slick, straight hair, mini-braids, and fringe—whether you were a hippie, hipster, or something in between, there was a look for everyone.

15 Iconic 70's Hairstyles for Men That Are Worth Trying

As for the 1970's facial hair styles, moustaches quickly gained popularity in the hairstyling world. Many men were sporting moustaches paired with longer locks. It seemed to make the look complete in that day and age. The 70s beard styles were popular too, and greatly complemented vintage men's haircuts. Men's 1970s Hairstyles. @nostalgiaddicts70

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It's hard not to notice the recent resurgence of '70s men's hairstyles everywhere. From the big screen to your local coffee shop, the iconic charm of men's hairstyles of the '70s, characterized by voluminous locks, shaggy layers, and natural coils and curls, have become a go-to look for many who have embraced the era's trend.This revival seamlessly blends vintage charm with a modern.

15 Iconic 70's Hairstyles for Men That Are Worth Trying

When you want to have that "bad boy vibe" in your 70s, an edgy haircut with a mullet-style fringe is attractive and most popular among older men. 6. Messy Wet Look Curly Hair with Long Fringe Style. Source: Instagram @trancis_francis. For men, the "wet-look" haircut is timeless.

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Popular Male Hairstyles. Other popular male hairstyles of the 1970s were: The Mullet. Like David Bowie's in the 70s, the classic mullet was short and shaggy in front and long at the back. Dreadlocks. Letting nature do its thing with the natural dreads brought in through the reggae culture from Bob Marley in the 70s.

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Color played an essential role in the '70s fashion. Even simple styles from the decade were made to look bold with bright colors. These striking hues, which included yellow, orange, blue, pink, red, purple and green were utilized across almost all fashion groups. By incorporating bright colors in their outfits, gents were simultaneously able.

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Finding the right hairstyle can be tricky for some men, but 1970s hairstyles are a great option for many reasons. They are fun, easy to take care of, and very casual. These top 20 styles are all great options for any man looking to enjoy 70s hair and still look great. Classic 70s Haircuts for Guys

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The 70s men's hairstyle wasn't all about long hair. Short hair had their share too. This sharply cut short haircut was created by Jamaican immigrant and reggae musician Desmond Dekker. This hairstyle originated in the late 1960s, and its popularity continued until the late 1970s due to the revival of bands such as The Specials and The.

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Pin Explore 70s men's haircuts like John Travolta's layered, feathered look. Photo: IMAGO / Album. The 1970s marked a significant era in men's hairstyles, characterized by a radical departure from the conservatism of previous times. Infused with a rebellious and free-spirited ethos, this decade witnessed bold and audacious hairstyles that resonated with the era's fashion statements and.

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The Charlie's Angels star's hairstyle was a sensation that defined the decade, and it's come back in style multiple times—most recently in 2021, with a push from TikTok. 2. Diana Ross's.

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Men's hair in the 70s was new and cool, with a variety of cuts and styles for every guy. Most 70s hairstyles were defined by Hollywood celebrities, movie stars, and musicians as well as the strong influence of the disco lifestyle. While some 60s hairstyles carried over, 70s hair incorporated more length, layers, and texture for a natural look.

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Slicked-back hair was a classic choice that oozed sophistication and it was the go-to 70s hairstyles for men. Achieved by combing hair back with the help of pomade or gel, it created a polished and refined appearance, often accompanied by a clean-shaven face.

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15. Mohawk Hairstyle. Mohawk hairstyle via instagram. The Mohawk hairstyle was a popular men's hairstyle in the 1970s that featured a narrow strip of hair running down the center of the head with the rest of the head shaved or buzzed. Punk rock music and rebellious youth culture were frequently linked to this hairdo.

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12. Bob Marley's Dreads. source. Dreads, seen here on Bob Marley, are a great option for black men with long hair. The hairstyle is low maintenance and always looks good whether worn loose or pulled back in a man bun. 13. Short Afro from The 70s. source. A short afro is one option for men who like to keep their cut cropped.

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Foto of 1970s hairstyles mens. 5. Side-Combed. The slicked back appearance had males combing their hair back, while the pompadour had them placing the bangs up. The side-combed design was a new choice in the 70s men hair styles that had guys combing their hair to either side. Foto of 1970s hairstyles.

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The 70s mens hairstyles were a dynamic reflection of the era's fashion and style influences. This vibrant decade saw an explosion of unique hair trends that resonated with the spirit of the times. From groovy afros to suave sideburns, men's hair became a canvas for self-expression.